Tuesday, July 26, 2016

New Class - Gelling with Lenore Crawford!

I will be having a new class I know everyone will be excited to take!  It covers how to use a gel medium to create realistic fiber art projects on canvas and including how to make those beautiful shoes I was doing last year!  The place you will register is at this link  I will show you how to make a pattern from a photo and then use it with your fabrics to design a gelled product!  It's a very simple way to make a very detailed realistic looking art project!  Just like your photo!  You know my work.  This is a way to make the same type of designs but not having to sew them afterward!  I always wanted to figure that issue out because for me the work part was always the sewing!  Here are a couple of examples.

These pieces were created on a stretched canvas 11"H X 14"W.  I used a little fabric paint on them after gelling was done to add more detail.  

This project of the crocuses is the one we will be creating in the class from a photo I took in my yard!  You can make the background any color you like but it's nice to use something that contrasts with the flowers so they stand out!  As a bonus class we will be covering some shoes with wonderful bright Kaffe Fassett fabrics!  I love them!  

I covered white tennis shoes with yellow and orange Kaffe Fassett fabrics and loved this combination the best!  They are my favorites!  Of course you can use any fabrics you like and even make them less complex than I did.  You will have the option to do them however you want.   So much fabric, so little time!!!  I hope you will sign up to take the class and have a great time with us in September!


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