Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Summer Contemplations

Now is basically a slower time for me.  I do have a few trips coming up but nothing like the past few months!  I have slowed down and am working on our yard which is looking fabulous.  I will post pictures soon on it.  It's time to get re-inspired to create a new piece.  When I want to design a project with lots of detail from a photo, I like to make it large.  My largest size is generally around 55" X 55".  It's a good size for top-stitching too, my max!  Right now I am working on a light weight bed spread for our bed using Kaffe Fassett fabrics.  I have never made a quilt this big before.  It scares me to put it together.  I have the top and back finished and am ready to put the batting in and stitch it.  Too big!!  It's a queen size bedspread basically. 

You get the general idea!  It's very bright colors, oranges, magentas, yellows, limes.  I want to finish it and get onto something new.  I really need to finish my DVD on fabric painting!  Anyway I will keep searching for my next project and let you know when I find it. 


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