Monday, March 3, 2014

Creating My Latest Piece - Spanish Port

After going to Spain last year near Girona in the north near Barcelona I was inspired to create this latest piece.  It was a port village near the home of Salvadore Dali.  On a stormy day I took this picture giving the light an interesting glow.  The sky was very dark in the distance, but where we were was much brighter lighting up the boats in the harbor and the houses on the hills.  It's always fun to find the perfect fabrics to do a job like the one I used in the largest boat in the foreground.  I couldn't find a fabric the perfect color for the water though.  So I dyed two pieces of muslin and fortunately the second one was exactly what I was looking for.  A lot more boats were lined up together so I eliminated a couple of rows because it was too confusing to fuse with too many little pieces that would have been very difficult to create. 

Some pieces were very tiny in this design and some were very large.  It is now ready to stitch which I will be doing in the next few days.  Right now I am getting ready to film my DVDs on several techniques like fabric painting my wallhangings which will be the first since many of my students are asking for more information on this.  I love to create these larger pieces because much more detail can be added to a large design than a small one.  Finding the perfect fabrics and watching out for their value make the design have depth and life!  Go to my Tools Page to on this blog to see how to create your own fused/fabric painted design!  Here is my photo I used to create this design.  My water is a bit brighter and the sky a little bit darker, but those are the choices we make.  They don't always come out EXACTLY the same.  That's what makes it an art quilt and not a photograph!