Friday, November 1, 2013

Inspiration - What Not to Choose for a Project

I have been traveling a bit and now am wondering what my next project will be!  That is always the most difficult thing to decide.  So many great ideas.  When I was in Spain I took some great photos at the shore of the Mediterranean Sea and hope to use some of them.  Also when we were in New Zealand in summer I was greatly inspired by the countryside.  I don't normally do a lot of landscapes but they are different and interesting too.  The challenge is to find something that is exciting for me and the viewer!  I think about both aspects.  Also I like to have some kind of a focal point in my design.  So now the work begins!  Searching through hundreds of photos for something that inspires me!  Then I put it into my Powerpoing program where I have a file just for inspirational photos.  Then I project them on my design wall with my Casio projector and see what they will look like very large.  I will know what interests me better at that point.  I don't like to do projects that have lots of the same things in them.  I have a beautiful photo of a water lily you can see here.  But for me the repetition of the creating the petals would make me crazy!!! 

So I continue on looking at other subjects.  If the photo has hundreds of small windows like some of the buildings along canals in Italy or France, I would rather not spend my lifetime cutting them out. 

I love to take photos of scenery, but these are also very difficult to recreate in fabric especially if they have a lot of "negative space" like lots of sky or water where there is nothing else like in this great picture from New Zealand. 

The great thing about creating photos in fabric is that you can eliminte stuff you don't want like the fence in the foreground here.  I love the silhouette of the trees against the bright background.  Maybe it would be interesting to try!  My students always ask what are the best types of photos to use for the projects.  I can show you lots of the ones I wouldn't use, but finding ones that I WOULD use is the difficult part.  Many times students choose photos I wouldn't try and their projects turn out fabulously well!  You never know.  We are all creative in our own way and who knows what someone might come up with!  You just have to try it.  I will let you know what I come up with for my next one!

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