Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Home from Workshops in Spain!

I'm home again from my whirlwind trip to Spain over the last few days!  The countryside is beautiful but hot.  We had great projects at the two venues I was teaching.  Such a broad variety of projects in the two classes!  Great stuff!  This is Montse's canoe dedicated to her husband who loves boats.  When you find the perfect fabric to do what you want in a project like this, it makes the whole design come together.  The water fabric was a light gray to dark gray gradient print that worked perfectly on the cloudy day the picture was taken. 

Value is always important when designing a project.  Pay attention to the values, the very light and very dark!  A small project like this is perfect for learning my fusing/fabric painting technique in three days!  I'm very proud of her. 

I'm sure I have many great pictures for future projects.  We visited a couple of beautiful medieval villages with arches, stairs, ancient windows and doors that will be perfect for my architectural style.  I'm looking forward to being home in my studio for a while this winter to work on more designs. 

This is the medieval village where Rosario Casanovas now will have her studio.  The architecture is magnificent and inspiring.  Wish my studio was in a place like this!   She was my translator and hostess during this visit to Spain.  We spent the first few days in Madrid area and then took the fast train to Girona north of Barcelone  for the last workshop.  The train went 300 km/hr or about 200 miles an hour!  I tried to take pictures but the scenery was going by so fast it was gone before I could click my camera!  So quiet!  And the engineer didn't even talk on his cell phone.  We went to a festival in one small town, Begur.  It was a Cuban festival to celebrate their heritage and everyone wore white with Cuban style hats.  It was fun and also a beautiful village!  Great mojitos! 

The streets were decorated with different things hanging from wires.  These little parachutes were very pretty!  People were dancing in the streets.  I would definitely have loved it more about 35 years ago!  I went the first day to Madrid and took the on/off tour bus for the day.  That is the only way to visit a really large city!  In the afternoon when I was hot and tired of walking around I went to the Prado, museum art gallery.  Very exciting to see Frederick Frieseke's painting below.  He is from Owosso, Michigan, and was an impressionist painter during the Monet times, late 1800's and early 1900's.  I love his work!

I hope to have more pictures of students' projects to show one of these days!  They were coming along fantastically!  They don't realize how well they do in only three days.  I have been doing this since 2006, that is just the fusing stuff.  I hope they enjoyed the class.  I think they did.  You can maybe see more on my Facebook page at  Also check out my schedule on my website at  to see if I will be teaching in your area one day