Thursday, June 6, 2013

Excitement in Paducah

Last week I was very privileged to have taught at the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY.  I had a wonderful class full of great ladies very excited to learn a new technique and create their own art quilts from their own photos!  It was a very fun three day workshop with 20 enthusiastic girls.  A couple of their projects are shown below.  I know they will finish them! 

The rain came down in buckets and much more during the early morning of our last day, Saturday.  A couple of the ladies were staying at the local Days Inn a couple of buildings down the road from where others of us were staying at the Drury Inn.  We were the lucky ones.  The Days Inn was flooded at least a foot high on the first floor.  One of the girls woke up in the morning to a foot of water around her bed IN HER ROOM!  Her rental car was nearly floating away in the parking lot.  She didn't even know their was an issue going on outside and inside her room.  No notification from their staff!!!!  Unbelievable!  So if you go to Paducah in the rainy season, be sure to stay at a hotel located higher than creek level!

I have been working on my latest piece a bit over the weeks.  Here is an updated picture of how it's going.  It has been a challenge because of the foliage.  That is always a difficult thing to create depending on what types of textural green fabric you have.  I have been cutting the leaves out individually.  Time consuming! 

The blue hydrangeas are created from fussy cutting pieces of a very small blue floral print and fusing them in clumps like in the photo.  Finding the perfect floral for them was hard.  Now I have to create the other hydrangea bush in the lower left corner where it is currently blank.  Not sure which fabric to use! 

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