Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Designing Nearly Finished!

After all this time I am nearly finished with this piece.  I have a little more re-doing on the geranium section at the top and then it's finished.  I will then have to top-stitch it of course, but the rest will be done.  This piece as I mentioned before has been a challenge.  Creating the foliage and flowers was not easy.  They were all fussy cut and assembled individually.  Also the leaves were done this way too.  Here is a picture of it so far.  I will be changing the shadow at the base of the geraniums a bit, but otherwise I am mostly happy with it. 

Priest's House Entrance

I'm not sure what to call it now.  It is the entrance to the priest's house in Yvoire, a picture I took a few years ago.  I am very happy with the hydrangeas on the left now.  Of course the blue ones are more of a focal point so they pop out.  The ones on the left don't have to.  This piece is quite large too at about 45"H X 60"W.  It will be a challenge to top-stitch!  If you have any ideas on names, please let me know.  My email address is, my new one!  Thanks!


  1. Wow! It has been fun watching as you have been creating this one. It is terrific! You have really caught the light and shadows beautifully.