Friday, May 3, 2013

My New Piece, Capturing Brittany, Wins Second Place at Denver National Quilt Festival 2013

My piece, Capturing Brittany, wins second place at the Denver National Quilt Festival this weekend.  I was waiting to hear about this show before showing it to everyone.  So now you can see the full finished piece.  It has been a very busy couple of weeks after my daughter got married last weekend.  It was fun of course!  Here is a picture of the finished piece!  Check out all of the winners at this link

Capturing Brittany 2013


  1. Congratulations it's lovely. I'm looking forward to meeting you in Taupo, NZ . ( I hope ) I put in for one of your classes but still have not heard back from the organisers. I hope I get some of the classes I wanted.

  2. Well deserved - your piece is fabulous!

  3. Beautiful Lenore. you should have gotten 1st place. your quilts are just awesome. Congrats!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks for the notes! I will be entering it in a few other shows like Road to California and Houston IQA. It will also be in the AQS show in Grand Rapids in August.

  5. Congratulations. I am such a fan. This quilt is just wonderful!

  6. Love it, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! It is gorgeous! Feels like you can walk into it. Congratulations.

  7. What an artful image and so accurately depicted! Congratulations! I am looking forward to taking yournworkshop in Paducah. One question: How do you compensate in your art work for a photo that loses detail when it's enlarged?

    1. Fabric has great texture and depth. You can fill in with it where things are lacking. It is much better to work from photos with great detail but if not imagination can fill it in too.