Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Orange Poppy

Sometimes I have to create samples of my patterns.  It's fun to a point and then I get very bored with repeating them.  This one is my One Poppy Pattern that I created in a sort of red/orange color for the pattern.  This variation was fun to do adding the seed pods and leaves and changing the color to the orange family.  Below is the original pattern and the new orange version!

You can see more about this piece on my Etsy site at this link  It's very vibrant in the orange against the dark background (more than this picture shows).  I used a variegated thread with oranges and browns in it and did my free-motion stippling.  It is treated with UV protection stain guard and has a split sleeve on the back for hanging on a single nail.  If you want to see my patterns, go to this link on my website and scroll down to see the patterns including this one. 

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  1. Hello,
    I purchased this pattern and wonder which of your CD/DVDs would be the most helpful to learn your process. Even better, any Online videos? Thank you.