Monday, April 22, 2013

Floods and New Work

We have had a lot of rain!  Floods everywhere!  At our house we have been very lucky to not have any flooding, but a lot of others weren't so lucky.  Here in the middle of Michigan the land is very flat with lots of lakes and rivers.  When it rains for forty days and forty nights (seemed like it), it puddles up as my husband says. 

This is our local country club.  This is not a bridge to nowhere.  It is a bridge crossing a very small creek.  This is now lakeside property!  I don't know which hole this normally is but it's totally a lake now. 
Quite a lot of water.  Some friends of ours had 6' of water in their basement.  Not fun.  I have been a little side tracked with my daughter's wedding coming up this weekend.  I have lost my direction in my studio.  So now I am trying to get back on track!  I have my pattern all ready for a new large piece I will be creating over the next few months.  I love this picture and hope it turns out well!  We will see.  I will post progressive photos of it as it grows.  That is always the fun part, watching it become something.  Here is the photo I will be working from.  It is the entrance to the cure's house (with an accent on the e that I can't make with this program) the priest's house in Yvoire, France.   The flowers and architecture inspired me along with the time of day I took the photo giving lots of shadows to give it depth.  I will use more vivid colors of fabrics for the hydrangeas since it looks like they are past their prime here.  Floral areas are the most difficult to create with fabric.  I want them to look realistic and often not a lot of fabrics are available for this.  We will see what I find!  I'll have to go shopping in my mother's fabric stash!  Anyway I am really looking forward to beginning this project.  My Stonehenge by Northcott prints will be great for the old walls. 

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