Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Small Wall Hanging

This is a picture of my newest piece that is about 18"H X 21"W.  A friend of ours, Mark Kotanchek, is a birder and takes incredible photos.  He has a ton of them, and I loved this one.  I saw one of these on top of one of the motel room buildings when I was last teaching in Scottsdale.  I don't know exactly which type of quail it is, but it is quite striking. 

I don't do too many birds but this one was fun.  I stitched the background with a variegated thread in this sort of climbing leaf pattern for something different.  I used a tiny amount of paint to add the fine detail to the finished fused design.  You can try my fusing technique too getting all the information you need on my Fusing/Fabric Painting Technique to Create Realistic Art Quilts which can be found on the Tools page of this blog.  More information can be found about this piece on my Etsy Page at this link Lenore's Etsy Page