Thursday, February 28, 2013

Winter Sky Shredded Art Quilt Finished

This piece was very challenging!  I used the shredded art quilt technique and tulle to create the sky.  Then I used my fusing technique to add the tree on top of a layer of tulle and fused it directly to the tulle.  Then another layer of tulle and stitching.  The stitching was the challenging part! 

Winter Sky, 29" H X 23"W, 2013

When doing free-motion sewing on the Janome 7700 with the feed dogs down changes the hole size where the needle goes through the needle plate to a single needle width instead of the large open hole you can zigzag through.  I didn't know this so when I was stitching using a very heavy black thread it was too thick to go through this small hole.  I broke several needles and the thread a lot.  I took the thing apart and saw that this happened when the feed dogs were down so I switched it to keep them up.  No more problems.  It stitched through the large space instead and allowed the thick thread to go through too.  So finally I finished the stitching!  Halleluiah. 

Try this shredded technique sometime.  You can get rid of lots of scraps of fabric you have laying around.  This technique was originated (I think) by Noriko Endo of Japan.  She does beautiful work.  I have a description of how to do this technique along with how to put a glued binding on it when you are finished on my Shredded Art Quilt CD-ROM you can find on this blog on the Tools Page.  It's fun to trying something new!