Monday, January 28, 2013

New Work

Dinan, Normandy, France
A couple of years ago my husband and I traveled to France with some friends.  We went to Normandy and took many pictures there.  The architecture was so different from other areas of France, the buildings darker, more slate like.  In this village a class of art students were sitting around sketching.  I was inspired by the beautiful buildings and even the students!  This is my current project I have been working on for a few weeks now. 

It's growing!  On this project I decided to try something new.  As I create each piece of the project I am doing my detail painting right then.  It has been even more fun to create!  I will not go back to the old way of waiting until I'm finished fusing the whole design anymore.  I get a real sense of how it will look when finished this way.  Much more satisfying even!  I have been using my Northcott Stonehenge prints for this design which give perfect texture and value for the stone buildings.  I am very excited to continue this piece and finish it to see how it comes out.  Value is very important in design, can't stress that enough.  Look at Grace Errea's work to see how value can be a main design element putting color second on her website at  I was just teaching with her at Quilting in the Desert in Scottsdale, AZ, last week.  A really nice venue!  We had a two day fusing workshop and a three day workshop.  You can see more about my schedule and workshops on my website at