Friday, December 14, 2012

Stack N Whack Fun

Recently I finished putting together the pieces of my Stack N Whack project I began in April.  When I was teaching in Napa a friend who teaches the technique helped me choose fabrics using an angle mirror.  I chose a bold print by Jane Sassaman and another print with chickens on it I thought went well together.  Here are my choices.


I thought the chicken print would go be more of a quiet space between my larger print.  So I cut out the triangles and started to construct the design.  It was fun to try the six triangles in different orientations giving completely different looks.  I designed it on my design wall and filled in space here and there with the chicken print.  Then I decided to try some fabric with practically no strong print on it, some Kaffe Fassett fabrics, that were red/orange and lime.  I mixed three of each with three of the chicken print triangles getting a pattern. 

Here are some of the finished hexagons.  If you want to learn more about this technique, you can find information on the Internet.  Try to find the chickens in the print.  The bird in the Jane Sassaman print was chopped up into the blue sections and disappeared on reconstruction.  Such an interesting design.  It was quite simple to sew together considering how complex it looks!  Below is the finished design I have to top-stitch still.  I think it is really fun!  Try it sometime! 

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  1. Those fabrics worked perfectly for Stack & Whack! Love the results.