Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Life is so busy sometimes!  I just spent a while in Colorado where I have never really been before and was totally inspired by the countryside!  Wow!  It was beautiful and awe-inspiring!  Grand Junction is amazing and I had a fabulous three day workshop with the AQuA art quilting group there.  They created some great work of which I hope to be able to post soon.  I haven't created any art in a while since I have been traveling and teaching but hopefully in the next few months I will be able to put something out there.  I did finish my latest Blue Cone Flower finally.  Here is a picture.

Blue Cone Flower III

I'm obsessed with the cone flower pattern I guess as you probably noticed in my last post.  This background fabric was great with the waves of blues, limes, and burgundies.  I top-stitched them with variegated thread and in the burgundy area I used a sparkling burgundy thread that shines in the light.  It looks really great in person.  I have to admit I had fun top-stitching it.  I don't always!  I have added it tomy Etsy page for purchase you can find at
This is a picture I took with my IPhone since I didn't bring my camera to Grand Junction.  This is about 20 minutes from where I stayed.  I could not believe how beautiful this was!  This is called the Colorado Monument which is actually an area of beautiful rocky mountains.  Strange and amazing.  I just kept taking pictures and they actually turned out really great on that phone, thank goodness! 

Then we went across this crazy bridge at the Royal Gorge by Manitou Springs where my husband and I stayed for a couple of days.  It scared the pants off of me.  The wind was blowing like a hurricane!  The bridge was actually waving in the wind.  I didn't like it.  But how spectacular!  One more picture. 

We saw this as we went into the Garden of the Gods in Manitou Springs.  It has been like this for a million years (or so).  You can see the lady by it at the bottom.  This thing is massive and looks like it's balancing there and it could fall over.  But obviously not or it would have a long time ago.  I hope they don't have an earthquake when someone is standing next to it!  So you can see it's quite a beautiful place to visit.  We saw a lot in our one week there.  It's not as large as Michigan I guess.  I will hopefully be creating some beautiful Colorado inspired art soon!  Sign up for my Newsletter on my website at on the home page. 

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