Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Amazing "Perfect" Scissors in an Amazing Countryside

I was just teaching in the Black Hills in southwest South Dakota.  What beautiful country!  I met these guys there with the big noses.  They were only about 8 miles from where we stayed outside of Rapid City.  It was  amazing!  They had the mountains and the stark brown rolling tree-less landscape. 

The hills were brown with no trees, mostly just small shrubs.  Very dry and brown.  Then you get to the mountains and they were very rocky with lots of conifers.  We stayed at Storm Mountain Center just outside of Rapid City.  The classes were great and the people were so friendly.  Karen Kay Buckley was also teaching along with Donna Thomas and me.  They both are incredible quilters who create work so opposite of mine and each other that we were amazed how they picked us all out to teach together.  So diverse!  Check out there work on their websites!  I love Karen's scissors.  I had taught with her in Tennessee at Tennessee Quilts in Jonesborough in July where she introduced me to the scissors she had designed.  They are going to be in EVERY quilter and sewer's tool box. 

She calls them the Perfect Scissors and they are.  Read more about them on the Tools Page of this blog!  You will love them as much as I do.  They cut multiple layers without allowing slippage of the fabrics with their micro-serrated edge.  We had a good time with the ladies in the classes and saw some beautiful new landscape.  More art quilts in the future! 

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