Monday, September 24, 2012

Teaching Multi-Day Fusing Workshops

Over the past few years I have had the opportunity to teach multi-day workshops.  These are great for both the teacher and the student for many reasons.  Students can create large designs from their own photos and have a great finished art quilt.  They create a larger piece than my normal patterns using photos they are interested in.  My students have designed some incredible pieces that I am always surprised they get as much done on as they do during those few days.  Of course sometimes I think they stay up until midnight!  Here are a couple of pieces from students in the past. 

These students have created beautiful pieces that they will take home and stitch at their leisure.  In class designing and detail work with painting is done.  They learn to pay attention to value to give their creation depth. 
This windmill was beautifully created using various rust and brown textural fabrics.  The student added the birds to her design and the background was a gorgeous hand dyed fabric.  I'm so happy to have students spend three to five days creating these often ambitious projects.  They learn a lot and have a great finished art quilt when they are done!  Check out my schedule on my website at this link to find out when I will be having a multi-day workshop you can attend.  You can contact me for more information anytime at  Look also on my Tools page of this blog to see what you can purchase to create your own incredible art quilts like us!

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  1. Love to see these, as quilts from photos is where my true love lies.