Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fabric Paint Sets Available

After teaching many classes and always bringing my paints with me, my students have been asking about purchasing them themselves.  So after working with Prochemical I have put together a set of nine paints that I use on my art quilts.  Using these colors will allow you to match most any color of fabric you will be using.  They also are OPAQUE paints which means you can cover the fabric with them.  I prefer to not use transparent for this exact reason.  You can see through them.  When I use fabric paints, I'm trying to blend edges of different fabrics together so they look like they are just one piece going from a light fabric to a darker fabric.  This means you have to cover the edge of one and blend it to the edge of the next one.  So we want opaque paints.  This is an example below here. 


The dark red lower petals of these poppies are blended together to look like one.  Also the detail of ripples in the petals are added with the paint.  Below is a picture of fine detail added to a design.

The fine detail I add is like the shadows under the edges of the upper windows in this picture.  I painted some of the lines on the buildings and the slight shadows over the curved windows on the big arches.  This detail makes your design very realistic. 
The boat was a piece of muslin I added and then painted all of the detial on the insides of it with the fabric paint.  Anytime detail is too small to fuse, I paint it on with the fabric paints.  Fabric paint has so many uses in our art quilts and adding this detail and shading makes creating thesee pieces very exciting for me!  Hope you enjoy it too! 
You can purchase these paints on this blog on the Page of My Tools on the tab above!  Just click there and you will see them and brushes and also my CD-ROM available for making your own art quilt from a photo.  I will be creating my DVD on fabric painting soon too!


  1. I so appreciate knowing about the paint you use. How is it for sewing through? Does it make the fabric stiff? Your work is beautiful.

  2. The paint doesn't do anything to the weight of the fabric. It stays just as supple as it was before. Of course if you put on ten layers of paint it would build up. I paint the backgrounds for some of my pieces completely with the fabric paint if I can't find a color of fabric I want for it.