Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Creating Commission Pieces

I haven't created many commission pieces in my career.  It's a very interesting thing to do creativity-wise!  I just finished this piece for a customer who saw my original piece from a few years ago and wanted a re-creation for her house.  I wasn't sure that I wanted to do it but the price was right and she was very accommodating.  This would be the largest piece I had ever created.  So I began it.  I wasn't sure it would be fun since I hate re-doing anything, but as it went along it was like doing a piece for the first time.  The original piece was much smaller and since I did it in 2007 none of the original fabrics were still available.  So I had to come up with different ones to get the same sort of affect as in the rock wall.  In this piece I was happy to have all of my Stonehenge fabrics collected.  The textural designs were very good for blending the rocks.  I found the fabric for the building on the very right which was a sort of peach/orange textural batik that I loved and then made all of the other houses go along with that.  The other thing about this piece being so large was that I had to add a lot more detail since everything was bigger.  It was also a challenge to stitch.  Pieces kept wanting to come off as I was sewing even after they had been fused down with my Misty Fuse!  I had to iron it several times during stitching to keep them in place.  The good thing about it is that the very close stitching really gets it to lay very flat.  I was very happy with the finished product as was my customer.  So here it is hanging in her livingroom.

Even though it was so large her wall was the exactly perfect size as she already knew.  The piece is 65"H X 53"W.  It gives warmth and color to the room, just as she planned.  She said her son had had possession of the room for many years and now that he was gone off to college she wanted to take it back and make it a grown-up's room, definitely achieved! 

So now I am working on another small commission piece which I wasn't enjoying so much in the beginning but am now as it is another one of those re-creations of something I have already done.  I have to stop making nice pieces so that people don't want me to re-create them after they are sold!  Ha!  I am looking forward to creating pieces for clients that are from their own photos or mine where I can use my creativity to produce a beautiful design. 

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  1. It turned out lovely and was still a challenge for you with the size.